Audiovisual Presenter - free church or business presentation software

Audiovisual Presenter

Audiovisual Presenter is free software that helps to organise and display multiple powerpoint, video, picture or audio files.

This is great for conferences or meetings where multiple presentations are handled at the back by someone. It allows for the presentations to be saved in order and against a date. And when started a slide list of all the slides is presented to allow the next presentation to be easily started without having to close down one file and starting another. PowerPoint remotes are also supported to allow the speaker to easily change slides when they want.

It is also useful for churches where songs in PowerPoint format can be searched from a library and added to the order of service. This can also be done during the service with the ability to search within the PowerPoint files with the words currently being sung. It also presents the slides as lines of readable text which make it a bit easier to find the right slide than tiny thumbnail images of the slides. Thumbnail image views are still available by hovering over a line with the mouse.

Or it can be of use at home by easily creating photo slideshows. If you're someone who likes hooking up their computer to a projector or tv and would like to present a photo slideshow with the ability to see progress or to jump to other pictures easily without people seing what you're doing on the main display, then this program is for you (requires extended desktop mode).

Audiovisual Presenter screenshot

>> Download Here (v0.9.16) <<

  1. DotNet 4.0 - click here to install
  2. SQL Compact 4.0 - click here to install
  3. Windows Media Player 10 or higher - click here to install
  4. Microsoft Office XP or higher

  1. Supports powerpoint, image, audio and video files.
  2. "Remote Control" mode that restricts cursor movement and allows left and right clicks to change slides.
  3. A timer to advance to the next slide automatically, great for photo slideshows.
  4. Thumbnail previews of the slides when you hover over a line.
  5. Ability to search within PowerPoint files. (See setup instructions).
  6. Support for PowerPoint template files. PowerPoint files added afterwards will use that template.
  7. Drag and drop support for adding files or for re-ordering presentations.