Audiovisual Presenter FAQ

Audiovisual Presenter FAQ

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Q How do I display presentations on one screen and see Audiovisual Presenter on the other?
A First the screens need to be configured in extended desktop mode. See the microsoft help file on how to set this up.

Then under options set the "Show presentations and video on" setting to the monitor that is not labelled as primary.
Q How do I increase or decrease the font size?
A While holding the ctrl key down, press the + or - key to increase or descrease font size.
Q When I do a search in the Library why do I get results that don't match my search criteria?
A The contents of the PowerPoint files also gets searched as well as the filenames.
Q Why does the search not pick up terms within the PowerPoint files?
A Windows Search 4 must be installed. Vista and Win7 already comes with Windows Search built in.
Click here to download.

Secondly, the library location also needs to be part of the windows search index locations. By default Audiovisual Presenter stores the library under Documents which is included as part of Windows search index locations by default. If the library is located in a different location then follow these instructions to add the path to the search index:
Add folder to Windows Search indexing
Q Are there shortcuts I can use to open the menu items?
A Ctrl + R => start or stop remote control mode
Ctrl + M => show or hide messenger
Ctrl + O => open options window
Q Can I add multiple items from the library at once?
A Yes. Simply hold down ctrl while selecting the library items and then click on the 'Add' button.
Q Can I reorder the Presentation Order list.
A Yes. Select the presentation you want to move and click on the up or down buttons. Additionally you can drag and drop the presentation where you want it to be.
Q How do I add files to the library?
A The folder that contains your files is specified under Options. Browse to that folder in Windows and add the files to the appropiate subfolder.
Q How can I add new locations to the library?
A The library is located at the folder specified under Options. Create a subfolder in the library folder and add your files there for that location to appear in the program.
Q Can I add items temporarily to the Presentation Order without first having to copy it to the library?
A Yes. Click and drag the file from desktop or USB drive onto the Presentation Order. You can even drag a folder and all the files contained within the folder will be added. This is handy for quickly creating a photo slideshow.
Q What does Timer and Jump do?
A The timer will automatically select the next slide after a certain number of seconds. This is the number located in the textbox to the right of the timer button.

Jump allows you to put in the textbox the slide number you would like the timer to automatically select if you don't want it to choose the next slide. The slide number can be found in the first column. This is useful for displaying a photo slideshow on repeat.
Q Why does the video or sound file not play?
A To play video and sound files you need to have Windows Media Player 10 (WMP) or higher installed and have the required codec. To download WMP or a codec pack follow the links below:
Q Is it possible to place the countdown in the middle of message when using Messenger?
A Yes, in the message type {0} wherever you want the coutdown or countup timer to appear.
Q Is Audiovisual Presenter available in other languages?
A At this stage it is only available in english. However the program has been designed with translation in mind, so if you are able to translate from english into your desired language then feel free to contact us.